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Israeli Air Force Cannot bomb Iran easily without Jordan.

on May 20, 2015 Foreign Affairs, World News with 0 comments


Washington D.C. -U.S. military action to deter Iran from advancing it nuclear capability could easily spark a full-blown war. Iran might retaliate against U.S. troops and allies, launching missiles at military installations or civilian populations in the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia Qatar a United Emirates. Since sectarian tensions in Iraq have already spun out of control, reminiscent of a full blown Arab Spring, it does not limit the strong possibility the only alternative for Israel or the United States is the very risky bunker bombing run on Iran three most important nuclear sites in Nintaz, Fordo and Qom. The Bombing mission itself cannot be conducted by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)  F-15’s warplanes because these sites are over 700 miles from Israeli air force bases. This would require midair jet refueling over Iranian air space. While Iran will continue ordering terrorist attacks against Israel and the United States in the interim, the American public must be reminded that Iran was invited to Iraq and will soon be appearing in Syria to defeat ISIL presence in both countries. The ultimate response will be ‘Ordinance Penetrator’, a 30,000 pound bomb only available to US Air Force. This bunker buster bomb has proven to perforate 200 deep of reinforced concrete. This is perfect for the nuclear mountainside site in Qom. If these bombing missions occur sooner than later, Matthew Kroenig of Foreign, published by the Council on Foreign Relations, points out that China and Russia, will not stand by without action. It will attempt to economically and diplomatically isolate the United States to further inflame tensions in the Muslim world against the US. This would include encouraging the closing of the Strait of Hormuz, through which roughly 20 percent of the world’s oil supply travels.



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