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Director Miguel Miranda from the Dominican republic wrote the lyrics to  96, 000 an award winning sound track for the In the Heights off Broadway. Here at Blink Radio WSQSF we wish to express what we believe the future of the United States and the passion and purpose who seek the American Scream instead of the Dream .. Expect Success.. óó

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    While Americans are obsessed with terrorism in the Middle East for good reason it is ignoring deplorable human rights trespasses in Latin America bring more illegal and legal immigration to The United States. This whether you agree or disagree preserves Judeo -Christian values as Hispanics are Catholic while Anglo-America is Protestant but are becoming more agnostic / secular.

    This soundtrack called 96000 is from “In the Heights” Broadway musical that one a Tony Award . Its lyrics spells out what the Browns would do with their lottery earnings. It articulates the future paradigm of ambition through the eyes of the fastest growing community and soon to be its largest voting block by 2040.

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