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God is the Silence that can be Heard -My 8% chance to live.

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WSQF BlinkRadio host MacontheRock suffered a serious head injury after falling from pick up truck on abrupt turn at 15 miles per hour, in Key Biscayne Fla., on October 12 1987. He was in a coma for 23 hours and (8%) Eight percent to survive. After a year in bed with significant memory loss went on to have two children ,  a build million small business, an E-Business , write a book and as FCC licensee of WSQF Blink Radio 94.5 FM-Lp brought the echo and voice to the community of Key Biscayne. This was an experience explained as “the silence that can be heard”, explained in  mass email titled “I am Wolverines After all”.


Something similar happened to Chris Henry WR for Cincinnati Bengals star NFL football player during a domestic dispute. Henry died within 15 hours after the accident.


LISTEN to Blink Radio audio track on the WSQF Homepage and watch video ESPN news footage on Video page

Taylor Hale 18

Now Taylor Hale age 18 can say the same. God  decides who stays who goes..

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Taylor Hale 18″ width=”480″ height=”480″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-377″ /></a>This article about young girl named Taylor falling off the hood of car. It validates that God visits and decides if you stay or go.

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