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President Marco Rubio is Sprite Lightning

on May 21, 2015 Foreign Affairs, World News with 0 comments

Marco and I


Back In 2009 as Marco was down 30 pts. in the polls to a sitting Florida Governor Charlie Crist , I made plea to then Ex-Speaker of House to allow me to be his point man in Village Key Biscayne . He accepted. On December the ninth (9) I hosted a fundraising event at the Ocean Club Tower I Lobby. He is natural stance lit up the room in 17 minutes speech. $18,000.00 was raised for his Senatorial campaign. At the time history shows Unbeknownst to me, Marco was having doubts about staying in the race. For timing to be everything, it must begin with initiative finesse and tempo on the part yourself and within your sphere of influence. Throughout the campaign I blogged at his defense. I went to all the mainstream liberal sites to reply to disparaging comments about his candidacy. I came to his defense in hard hitting personal and provocative manner, letting the reader know liberalism is bipolar political disorder manifested in the annals of corporate propagandists at the Hoffington Post, Gawker, The Turks, as well to MSNBC, CNN CBS and print lame-stream media at Washington Post, Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times and New York Times

It is a character trait I most value in myself and certainly believe it to be his biggest strength as leader.

His youth makes it more daunting for The United States to have the opportunity to serve him in this way. Let’s make him President. Would it be fitting for President Rubio in the White with the opportunity to dagger The Castro Tyranny out of power? It would be my greatest private victory.

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