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Marine Stadium lawsuit to stop South Florida Boat Show is too late.

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Unfortunately for the Village of Key Biscayne going to court to stop the City of Miami from renovating the Miami Marine Stadium for the South Florida Boat Show is futile. The Village Council for years wanted athletic fields on Virginia Key. But when a fantastic master planned athletic compound on steroids was proposed Mayor Many Diaz the Village of Key Biscayne was in opposition to its size and scope. Basically fearing the change they sought. The plan was tremendous with over two different venues for soft ball, hard baseball, track and field, Football stadium , expanded Rowing facilities and dormitories for visiting athletes  and even bird watching stands on nature preserve!  The Village of Key Biscayne joined forces with the Friends of Virginia Key along with Friends of Marine Stadium to quash Miami Mayor Manny Diaz’s splendid plan for a state of the art facility for all Miami-Dade County’s young ones. History must recall that the Village of Key Biscayne also went to court over renovations to Miami Seaquarium in 1990’s.  Now look the VKB community ‘s worst nightmare is upon us, more commercial development on Rickenbacker Causeway. With it ten events a year on the stadium site instead of young kids off the streets competing in sports throughout the entire Virginia Key….

The old saying “be careful what you wish for” applies to Village leaders throughout the island city’s young history. Most recently Councilman Luis Felipe de la Cruz is quoted in the Miami Herald article, telling Deputy Miami City Manager Alice Bravo,  “You told us that phrase that I love, that we would be ‘at the table.’ At the table for what? To be spoon-fed whatever you wanted to tell us?”

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Sometimes amateur actors should portend to be professional politicians. All Past Village Councils are guilty of lack of vision to the major government on Mainland “to just say no to all things on Virginia Key” is a retarded approach   óó MacontheRock óó


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