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Amritsar, India- Nov.15 2014– While South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is feeling sentimental and nostalgic about visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar India, expressing her sentiments being a Christian thus taking a different meaning for a person who was born Hindu then converted as citizen of United States. While the Governor travels to India seeking corporate partners to employ residents of her state, South Carolinian are feeling the ill effects of her campaign promises. In North Charleston, Mat Catastrophe reports in Charleston City paper online, as City council rezones trailer parks to commercial development, which has class warfare, breaking out as displaced residents at mobile home parks lose their homes. These developments are encouraging sign as Boeing aircraft expansion in North Charleston demonstrates. The College of Charleston is also expanding in adjacent property as 178,000 square foot Graduate Center is slated on trailer park where 24 mobile units are being evicted as the landowner is selling.
North Charleston City Council member Todd Olds, is quoted in Post and Courier that he feels for those displaced but city must move forward as it changes zoning laws to encourage redevelopment and home ownership and higher paying jobs. The story is always the same, some win some lose in the class warfare fight between the have and have not’s.

Boeing Expansion into South Carolina has its social pitfalls

Village Council of Key Biscayne closing McIntyre Street?

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With all traffic problems and congestion going on in the intra-local streets that closing McIntyre Street that divides the Civic Center campus is being considered as a good idea. Council member Mike Kelly is once again showing his near sightedness along with the ” opens pace tribesman” that support such a regressive idea.  First the Fire Station […]

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KB OCEANA’S DEVELOPMENT Voluntary Contribution to MAST Academy

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How Consultatio’s OCEANA contribution went to MAST 6-12 Academy 

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Netanyahu cannot afford to be wrong or Israel is gone !!

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Do you think Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is exaggerating about Iran’s turnaround time to make a several nuclear bomb? Israel can be gone in a blink!! What do you think?

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Netanyahu Reelection

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Yesterday (March 17 2015) victory as prime minister to maintain a coalition of various political parties is a victory for House Republicans of the US Congress as well as for the Kingdom of David. For if the Jewish people perish under Nuclear Iran so does the Western World of Christians. This biblical proclamation is lost […]

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Plastic Surgery for Cleft palette abnormalities goes worldwide

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Something so sublime as smile can travel miles. But for some children a smile is not possible because of Cleft palate birth defect.  The cause appears to be defective DNA. Something goes wrong during neo natal development of the fetus. Preventing it from occurring seems impossible at the moment. In the meantime, Voluntary medical missions like Operation Smile and their  […]

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Browns win the lottery !!

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Director Miguel Miranda from the Dominican republic wrote the lyrics to  96, 000 an award winning sound track for the In the Heights off Broadway. Here at Blink Radio WSQSF we wish to express what we believe the future of the United States and the passion and purpose who seek the American Scream instead of […]

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Key Biscayne’s Village Voice now has an echo on 94.5 LPFM !!

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  Square Foot Community  Radio Corp has received a FCC license to broadcast in stereo on 95.5 FM-LP. As a no-profit radio organization we are interested in creativity on path to happiness in the Village of Key Biscayne. Now we are not just a community but a personality!!  Bring it, will it, it will.   

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