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IRAN trying US Navy’s patience in the Persian Gulf

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Persian Gulf, Iran– CNN television networks reports that mid-air incident occurred over the Persian Gulf endangering a US Navy MH-60R armed helicopter flying from the deck of the USS Carl Vinson on a routine patrol in international airspace when it was crisscrossed by an unarmed Iranian observation Y-12 aircraft. At time the two air crafts where less than 50 yards apart. The Iranian aircraft made two passes at the American Navy Helicopter. To avoid an unnecessary incident at the moment of intense negotiation over Iran’s nuclear developments a helicopter crash or a shoot down would be catastrophe for diplomacy with profound implications and distrust between the two countries. The US pilot deliberately broke off and flew away in a ‘predictable’ manner so the Iranians could not misinterpret any U.S.  maneuver as aggressive action. This goes to show you The Iranians are provoking an international incidence as an excuse to delay compromises as it gets closer to nuclear enrich uranium that can not be bunker bombed. Do not wake up the sleeping giant while he sleep in the pool lounger.

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