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Ted Cruz means what he says. The Great Debater watch out!!

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Watch this classic liberal smart ass punk playing pompous spin master trying expose Senator Ted Cruz as phony. This foul mouth bobo thinks he is witty and clever. as video roles it becomes apparent what political amateur with the ‘progressvirus’ political bipolar disorder . Notice how dismissive he is. The broad brush propaganda on virtues of hypocrisy and maturity. These liberals are in denial that their policy are pathetic. What a pompous fool!! In summation he call Senator Ted Cruz elected by the largest state a smirk and fraud. You decide .

Now analyze the intellect of the real Ted Cruz from the mouth of his liberal Professor Laurence Tribe and then debating liberal off the cuff live on TV. It is apparent the Ted sought out the ivy League to debunk liberals as men of thelie not of the man of the people. Progressive polcies are abject failures through and through, while guaranteeing low birth rates within self-reliance class and expanding populations of the poverty stricken for generations depending of government. This is the Liberal way to expand their voting majorities as the expansion of welfare programs established by New Deal of FDR and the War of Poverty of LBJ.American History has evidenced that the Democratic Party has 3-1 ratio of registered billionaires to Republican Party. Of the Top Ten Billionaires on Forbes only two are Republicans. (They are brothers) So who is the Party of the Rich? The Democratic Party of indentured servants to billionaire.

CNN video eating everyone in the studio on facts of ObamaCare and the burden on the National Debt.

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